Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

After years of serving our community in the Port Charlotte and DeSoto counties, we have come up with this list of the top frequently asked questions on our association and our signature event.

If you still have additional questions after reading this, you can always send us a message for further assistance, or contact the Babcock Ranch Discovery Center at 941-235-6901.

When is the Parade of Homes
Our Parade of Homes
event is scheduled for November 22- December 8th, 2019.
Homes are open from:
9a - 5p on Monday through Saturday
11a - 5p on Sundays

How does Parade of Homes
Start by visiting the Babcock Ranch Discovery Center!  We offer a lineup of newly built, professionally, sustainably-designed homes that are available on different dates for the public to come out and view. These tours are self-guided and provide the community and builders with an outlook on the latest trends in construction.

Why Babcock Ranch?
We chose this location based on a few different factors. The homes shown in our yearly event represent the latest innovations in the building and construction industry. We look for homes with a mix of beautiful craftsmanship and cutting-edge additions. We also want to showcase Southwest Florida’s City of Tomorrow. A sustainable city that is truly integrated with nature.

Where can I purchase tickets?
This event is FREE to the public!

Are the featured homes for sale?
Some featured homes may be for sale, some may have already been sold. If you are interested in a particular home, contact the Town Ambassadors in the Babcock Ranch Discovery Center at (941)200-1491.

Are there age restrictions on who can visit?
There are no age restrictions. Families are welcome to attend.

What is the Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association?
We are not-for-profit organization made up of community leaders and professionals who
advocate, educate and support our members, customers, and stakeholders while being the voice
of the construction industry in our community. Learn more about CDBIA today at

How can I get involved?
For more information on how to get involved, contact us today at

Is there a limit on the times I can visit a home?

You will have unlimited access to each home during the dates and times of the event.